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Floral Hotel · Yuexiang Inn Wuzhen, east gate runs through Xinhua Road, a pedestrian street, and is adjacent to Xiuzhen temple, ancient stage, former residence of contradiction, and west entrance of dongzha scenic area. You can walk to xizha scenic area.
Ximen is adjacent to changfenggu street. There are many wonderful snacks, retro clothing, handicraft shops, traditional workshops, such as Coopers, bamboo Smiths, hairdressers, etc. in the street, Huiyuan pawnshop, yingjiaqiao and other scenic spots are also in the street. Occasionally, they stroll around, as if they are separated from each other.
There are many native Wuzhen people living around the inn, who can experience the leisurely daily life of local residents.
Yuexiang, an inn hidden in the ancient street, is a traditional enclosed old house and rebuilt in the new Chinese style. It has white walls and tiles, light ink and clear haze, and the artistic conception of Jiangnan comes into being.
The total construction area of the hotel is about 2000 square meters, with new Chinese decoration, open-air courtyard and classical tea room. There are many guest rooms, and each space has different aesthetic style, which matches the ancient color and becomes interesting with Meilan.
The room is equipped with Chinese style solid wood furniture, German memory cotton bedding, millet smart TV and scale ? All imported toiletries, Jingdezhen custom tea pots and cups, etc. will provide you with the most satisfactory experience.
Yuexiang, the home of a city.

Breakfast price: CNY29($4.0) / person
Breakfast time: 08:00-10:00
Breakfast type: Chinese