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Floral Hotel · Yuexiang Inn Wuzhen, east gate runs through Xinhua Road, a pedestrian street, and is adjacent to Xiuzhen temple, ancient stage, former residence of contradiction, and west entrance of dongzha scenic area. You can walk to xizha scenic area.
Ximen is adjacent to changfenggu street. There are many wonderful snacks, retro clothing, handicraft shops, traditional workshops, such as Coopers, bamboo Smiths, hairdressers, etc. in the street, Huiyuan pawnshop, yingjiaqiao and other scenic spots are also in the street. Occasionally, they stroll around, as if they are separated from each other.
There are many native Wuzhen people living around the inn, who can experience the leisurely daily life of local residents.
Yuexiang, an inn hidden in the ancient street, is a traditional enclosed old house and rebuilt in the new Chinese style. It has white walls and tiles, light ink and clear haze, and the artistic conception of Jiangnan comes into being.
The total construction area of the hotel is about 2000 square meters, with new Chinese decoration, open-air courtyard and classical tea room. There are many guest rooms, and each space has different aesthetic style, which matches the ancient color and becomes interesting with Meilan.
The room is equipped with Chinese style solid wood furniture, German memory cotton bedding, millet smart TV and scale ? All imported toiletries, Jingdezhen custom tea pots and cups, etc. will provide you with the most satisfactory experience.
Yuexiang, the home of a city.
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FAQs when booking at Floral Hotel · Yuexiang Inn Wuzhen
  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Floral Hotel · Yuexiang Inn Wuzhen?

    Check-in time is 14:00-23:00, and check-out time is 08:00-12:00 at Floral Hotel · Yuexiang Inn Wuzhen.

  • Does Floral Hotel · Yuexiang Inn Wuzhen have a pool or gym?

    No, The hotel has no pool and fitness room. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Floral Hotel · Yuexiang Inn Wuzhen have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Floral Hotel · Yuexiang Inn Wuzhen offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Floral Hotel · Yuexiang Inn Wuzhen accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Floral Hotel · Yuexiang Inn Wuzhen accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Floral Hotel · Yuexiang Inn Wuzhen?

    Each costs cny29 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Floral Hotel · Yuexiang Inn Wuzhen?

    The room prices is from cny398, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

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  • Allanjyp
    The hotel is fairly good, the sound insulation is not very good, and a young man wearing glasses at the front desk feels a little nonsense
  • e02837520
    It is less than 100 meters away from the entrance of dongzha, Wuzhen. There is a place to park. The surrounding area of the hotel is not very large, but the environment is very good. The room is also very clean. The layout is the same as the photos. It's good. The boss is very nice. He also gave special products when checking out. I feel very good overall
  • Jenny313
    Well, how to put it, I like it very much. There are few people when we go, because we didn't have time to live more in time to catch up with the * * * * event. Although it's only two nights, it's very quiet and comfortable. When you open your eyes, you feel the smell of Jiangnan. The handsome guy at the front desk is good. Before you come, you'll talk about your residence and playing around in detail. The aunt who makes breakfast is also very enthusiastic. You'll come to Wuzhen next time! And stay a few more days
  • wupeng2003
    Very good, recommended
  • sunyan
    I ordered one of the bungalows with a yard. The so-called courtyard is only 67 square meters. As soon as the room is opened, there is a surge of moisture. The most unbearable thing is that the TV in the room is a decoration, there is no live channel, and you can't watch Internet TV. The bathroom and shower are made of glass and hung with a bamboo curtain. When you go to the toilet and take a bath, you can see clearly from the room. Although it is a room facing north, because the curtain of the room is thin. When does the sun start, the room lights up. Breakfast varieties are too simple to choose. Fortunately, you are allowed to have enough! Everyone at the front desk is indifferent and busy playing with their mobile phones. It's a little bit different from what I imagined! In addition, it is close to the scenic spot, close to the gate of dongzha scenic spot.
  • Leo_Tong
    Breakfast was OK and the location was great
  • leepin
    The hotel is very emotional! The facilities are complete. It's comfortable to live. The front desk was also very friendly.
  • lomaberve
    It's elegant. The old man likes it very much
  • cuby85
    Nice B & B
  • ciel0114
    The hotel has a good atmosphere, good hygiene, good service and beautiful rooms. There is a feeling that the fragrance of wine is hidden in the alley. And it's cost-effective. The whole family loved it.
  • mimirai
    The attitude of the front desk is very good, the environment is very good, the cost performance is very high, the sanitary conditions are very good, and the facilities are complete and complete. I will order this one next time when I come on a business trip.
  • Annie0520
    It's a great inn. It's convenient to travel, clean and hygienic.
  • m00095222
    Very satisfied, not far from the east gate of the scenic spot
  • e04517874
    The environment is OK. It's close to the scenic spot, but the facilities are not good, especially the bath. There's nothing delicious for breakfast. It's mainly full, and there's basically no service. It's fruitless to change an electric kettle
  • andywuyang
    B & B, with mosquitoes, good surrounding environment, very close to the entrance of dongzha small gate. There are many places to eat and sell fruits and specialties in the surrounding streets. There are fewer kinds of breakfast
  • louisstf
    Very good, clean, good service.
  • amigo
    Overall, it's very good. The breakfast is rich, the hygiene is also good, the service is very good, and the B & B decoration is modern and retro.
  • baoliang1319
    For breakfast, there are white porridge, pickles, fried dough sticks, eggs and pasta. In an alley near dongzha scenic spot, there is a small courtyard. At night, the scenic spot is very quiet, so sleeping is also very quiet, but the sound insulation is not good. Fortunately, other rooms are not noisy. It is not about 15 minutes away from xizha scenic spot. The whole is relatively clean
  • xiaodong1983
    The location is very good and the hotel environment is also very good
  • sword837
    The environment is very good and clean. The TV is Xiaomi's and Xiaomi's scale. The service is also very good. There is also a free breakfast. Although the breakfast doesn't look much, it's very nutritious. It feels very good to sit in the chair outside in the morning. When checking out, I also sent a special aunt's cake. I'll stay here next time
  • candice
    Clean and tidy. The network signal is good.
  • crescent-xx
    The hotel is relatively hygienic. We live for three people. A 9-year-old child chooses a standard room and two beds, which is enough. The pictures uploaded by other customers on the Internet are similar to the real objects. The first picture is two boxes of snacks presented by the store when checking out. The third, fourth and fifth pictures are breakfast. The advantage is that the child does not charge extra. The disadvantage is that there are no vegetables, one pickle and one peanut, There are 6-7 kinds of staple food, a white porridge, breakfast is a little simple.
  • apple8952
    Good, good, good living
  • cinderellawxy
    The hotel is right next to the entrance of dongzha scenic area. Although it is not on the road, there is a feeling of unique cave when you walk into the hotel gate. The courtyard is very chic, and the room furnishings are also very elegant. like it very much! The front desk staff were also very friendly.
  • lian666
    Nice hotel
  • bann19
    It's OK. The place is a little narrow. It's hard to stop the car
  • yuxinbox
    The service was very good, the surrounding environment was also very good
  • laobaicai
    I'll stay next time
  • cooldoger
    The hotel is very comfortable
  • r_0000123
    Good, convenient transportation and good environment
  • bluejeans
    The surrounding supporting facilities are relatively mature
  • Timai
    The hotel hardware is very good and has local characteristics
  • liumengrui
    Breakfast is not bad, others are good
  • Angelo King
    The environment and sanitation of the hotel are very good, the service is also very good, the breakfast is very nutritious, and the small gifts are very good, but the sound of the air conditioner will affect sleep
  • formemory
    The inn with two children has very good service and is very friendly. It is very close to dongzha. There are food around. There are also small supermarkets. There seem to be six parking spaces. The children like the layout of the room very much
  • mag58
    The environment is very good and hygienic
  • emmanuel_jie
    Good hygiene. The seat is very close to the scenic spot. It's very convenient. Great
  • rainnie
    I feel pretty good
  • beggar
    The hotel is really beautiful. I went to Wuzhen to relax. I was surprised when I got to my room the same day. The breakfast the next day was also delicious. There were many kinds of special cakes in Wuzhen on New Year's Eve. It's really considerate
  • desertfog
    It's clean and hygienic. It's convenient to park at the door. It's just that the entrance from the outside road is small. Pay attention. We booked a big one and a small one. The double bed room was just right. I felt that breakfast was relatively simple, so I didn't eat it. I went outside to find something to eat by myself. However, the price is quite cost-effective. It's very convenient to be close to dongzha. It's also very convenient to go to xizha. It's only a few minutes' drive.
  • e00007795
    Very good, very convenient, very comfortable
  • baenn
    Beautiful environment and beautiful hotel design!
  • csp86444
    Not bad, not bad
  • times43
    It is convenient to travel near the entrance of dongzha scenic spot
  • ronaldowan
    Breakfast is good, the bed is very comfortable, the children are also very spacious, the traffic is very convenient, the parking is convenient, the surrounding area is noisy and quiet, and the hotel is clean and hygienic
  • nevergone
    The hot water supply is sufficient, the water volume is large, and the room is very clean and tidy. There are not many kinds of breakfast. Zongzi is OK. The parking lot inside is not big, but you can park outside
  • avey_520
    Breakfast is generally full, and the hotel environment is good
  • wjc666777
    The interior environment of the hotel is good and the room decoration is characteristic
  • pupu0516
    Exquisite Inn
  • andycyy
    We like this kind of decoration style very much. We need to leave early in the morning. Breakfast is also prepared for us in advance. It's only two minutes' walk to the scenic spot. In short, it's very good